04/21/21 Updates

1.  Debbie Gant’s surgery was late starting, but she is now out of surgery and everything went as planned.  Continue to pray for a quick and easy recovery.
2.  Dave Orr is no longer in atrial fibrillation.  He is waiting for a room to open up so he can move out of cardiovascular ICU.
3.  Carolyn Garner finishes her IV antibiotics this week and is to be discharged home on Saturday.  Please continue to pray for her to gain strength.  She hopes to be back to church soon.
4.  Dale Abernathy has his last chemo treatment next week before having his tumor re-evaluated on May 5th.  Doctors hope to find that the tumor has shrunk enough to allow surgery for its removal.  Please continue to pray for Dale.
5.  Tiffany Blair, who is Michelle Duncan’s nephew’s wife’s sister has been on our Prayer Ministry for weeks.  She is 23 and has been in ICU this entire time due to complications from COVID-19.  She is off the ventilator and making slow progress.  She had a recent CT scan that showed a spot on her breast that they feel should be evaluated.  Please continue to pray for her as she tries to regain her health.