05/08/21 Updates

1.  Ron, McClanahan, Misty Brown’s father, remains in the hospital.  In addition to his other injuries, he also suffered a brain bleed.  An MRI this evening revealed 6 tumors in his brain, 2 tumors on his spine /lower neck,and many in his liver.  They are waiting for a biopsy to be done to determine the type of cancer, and whether it can be treated.  Ron is also facing another surgery to repair his spine fracture.  Please pray for him during this difficult time.  Pray for his family as well, as Ron had no symptoms from the tumors and the news was quite unexpected. 
2.  Jimmy Seal is doing well following his surgery and plans to attend church in the morning.
3.  Carolyn Garner is recuperating at home from a severe infection in her leg.  She is having a lot of pain from longstanding issues with her hip.  She will have an MRI to see if they will be able to give her injections for her pain.  Carolyn thanks everyone for their prayers, cards, and phone calls and hopes to be able to come back to church soon.  Please continue to pray for her recovery.