05/18/21 Prayer Requests

1.  Pray for David Whitaker, who has been diagnosed with Stage 2 (out of 3 stages) ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease).  Please pray for Lynda as she cares for him, and also for the rest of the family.  Lynda’s mother, Shirley Hall, is in the hospital again, this time with double pneumonia.  Pray for her as well.
2.  Dave Harrison, who has pancreatic cancer, is scheduled to have surgery tomorrow (05/19/21). This will be a lengthy procedure.  Please pray for his physicians and all others involved in his care, as well as Dave and his family.
3.  Rick Freetage, who is Dwight and Marilyn Gladden’s neighbor, has had several shoulder replacements.  The last one became infected and the joint had to be removed for several months to let the infection heal.  Tomorrow (05/19/21) Rick is scheduled to have a new shoulder joint inserted.  Please pray for all involved.  Pray that there will be no more infection and things will go well.