06/05/21 Updates

1.  Erin Gennoe Campbell has 3 lesions deep within her brain and doctors are hesitant to do surgery right now because they are so deep.  Tests that have been done don’t reveal the source of these lesions.  She will be discharged home today with steroid treatment to continue to reduce inflammation and is scheduled to see the doctor in a month unless something changes.  Please continue to pray for Erin and her family.  She has a young daughter and her husband is in the service.  He was granted a 30 day medical leave and got home yesterday. 
2.  Lora Dillard’s MRI showed that the lesion on her spine was benign. She has finished her bladder treatments and is scheduled for a followup visit for that in 1 month. Continue to pray for Lora and Davon as they walk this journey.