06/16/21 Updates

1.  David Orr is feeling some better today after having a bad day on Sunday.  His medications have been adjusted and he is waiting to hear from his cardiologist regarding blood work results.  Please continue to pray for David and Carolyn.
2.  Tera Stinnett, who transferred to Vanderbilt Hospital, has had a diagnosis of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) confirmed.  Karen asks that we continue to pray for Tera and the family, as well as those involved in her care. 
3.  Bret Shaw is doing well, out of ICU, and on the trauma floor.  He did some walking yesterday and the orthopedic doctor was so impressed that they don’t think he will need the surgery on his back.  Neurology looked at his latest scans and feel comfortable with trying to let his neck fracture heal on it’s own as well. Both fractures will be looked at again next week but so far seem to be healing well.  Continue to pray for healing for Bret.