06/22/21 Updates

1.  Carolyn Orr is better and was able to sit in a chair this morning.  Plans are to move her from ICU today if a room is available.  David saw his cardiologist this morning and he is doing fairly well.  He is being referred to a kidney specialist for an evaluation.
2.  Bret Shaw is doing well at home.  He goes back for x-rays next week to make sure everything is healing properly.
3.  Tera Stinnett remains at Vanderbilt Hospital and will be there until a space opens up at Patricia Neal Rehab.  Jackie Stinnett is taking it day by day.
4.  Shirley Hall is home but still requires oxygen and a walker.  Pray for her daughter, Lynda, who is helping with Shirley’s care, as well as caring for David.
5.  Johnny Baldwin had been discharged home but had to be re-admitted yesterday due to a urinary tract infection.  He is doing better today.
6.  Bible School got off to a great start yesterday with 141 children, plus adults.
Please continue to keep all of these in your prayers each day.