Blessing Box Update 5

The Blessing Box continues to be used frequently and volunteers are filling it twice daily at the present time.  Originally, the Blessing Box was begun to bless others with a little help with food.  Over time we began adding other items to be of help.  After re-evaluating, we have decided to keep with the original purpose, and place emergency food only in the box.  If other items are brought, we will use them, but they will not be our focus.  We have placed a sign in the Blessing Box with instructions on leaving their name and phone number if they find the box empty and are hungry, so that we can help.  They also have the option of asking for school supplies, prayer, or counsel about God.  Cards and envelopes are supplied for this purpose.  If you can help with donations of nonperishable food items (the ants like anything perishable), you can leave them in the Blessing Box or place them in the overflow box in the drive through on the sanctuary side of the building.  On Wednesday, July 29th, Barry and Jami Blanchard have volunteered to be at the church to receive donations from 2-4 PM.  You can unload your donations at the drive through near the church office.  If you can, please use a black marker and place a vertical line through the UPC label, including at least one number that is at the bottom.  If you are unable to do this, volunteers will do it at the church.
Your donations make a difference!  One of our members talked with a lady who was getting something from the box yesterday.  She had been there before, and is homeless, living out of her car.  Please pray that those who take something from the box will be blessed, and that will seek Jesus because we showed God’s love to them.   Thank you for all you are doing do show God’s love to a community in need of Him.