Prayer Requests 05/07/21

1.  Misty McClanahan-Brown’s father, Ron McClanahan, fell off the roof yesterday evening and is at UT Hospital.  He has a broken wrist, shattered ankle, and fractured spine.  During CT scans for evaluating his injuries, doctors found tumors in his liver and 2 masses in his brain.  Surgery to repair his ankle is being delayed so that they can do an immediate biopsy on his liver.  Doctors say this is a very serious situation.  Please pray for Ron, his doctors and other staff, and his family, especially his wife.
2.  Sandy Keeble’s sister, Charlotte Vann, has just been diagnosed with lung cancer.  She also has COPD.  She will have a PET scan on May 13th and see the doctor again on May 14th.  Please pray for Charlotte and her family as they go through these next days .