Service Schedule from Pastor Ben

Children will meet on Facebook live only tomorrow ( December 27) at 9:45 am.  Doors will be open at 10:45 AM and 6PM tomorrow for those who are ready to attend in person worship.  For those who aren’t ready to attend in person, which we understand fully, worship will be on Facebook Live on the Springview Baptist Church Facebook page.  Please join us in one of these ways tomorrow, and also at 7 PM on Wednesday.
Beginning January 3, we will resume in person Children’s Church in the fellowship hall during the morning worship service.  In person youth activities will resume that evening at 6 PM, also in the fellowship hall.  Worship services will continue to be in person and on Facebook Live at 10:45 AM and 6 PM on Sunday and 7 Pm on Wednesday.  Thank you for your patience as we try to navigate these difficult times.  Please pray for me and church leadership.  Pray that God will give us wisdom to make right decisions.