Update 11 on Dwight Gladden

Dwight saw his infectious disease doctor on Wednesday and she was very pleased with his progress.  She did extend his IV antibiotics for 2 weeks, and will start him on an antibiotic by mouth while he is still taking the IV antibiotics.  If he is able to tolerate the antibiotic by mouth, he will be on it for at least 2 months.  Dwight is continuing to improve in mobility, pain level, and strength.  Dwight has had a kidney stone in his kidney for 20-25 years, but never had any problems with it.  The urologist said that kidney stones can harbor bacteria, and could have been the place where bacteria came from to cause his spine infection.  Therefore, they felt the stone should come out, and yesterday they did lithotripsy (busted up the stone).  Today he is passing fragments of the stone, so that is painful.  Please continue to pray that Dwight will have complete healing of this infection.  We are so thankful for your love and prayers!