Our Story

How it all started...

Church History
In 1943, a few Christian families armed with a strong faith in God and very little money had the vision of a meeting place where they could worship God together, a vision of training and growth for their children in God’s world, a desire to spread the gospel to others in the community and satisfy a very immediate need to meet and pray together for their sons, husbands, and brothers in World War II.
During the summer of 1943, the families of Vick Foster, Elisha Fugate, Sam Sandidge, and Ernest Helton began conducting Sunday School in the Sandidge home. More families became involved, and the need for a meeting place resulted in the desire for a Baptist Church.
This group purchased property across from the Sandidge home where the church building was later built. Brother Charles Martin, the Association Missionary, worked with the people to promote and encourage their efforts to become a Southern Baptist Church.
Dr. Lloyd Householder, pastor of Mt. Olive Baptist Church, conducted a revival in the “Old House” that was located on the newly purchased property. At the close of the revival meeting on September 19, 1943 (third Sunday of September), an organizational meeting was held, and Springview Baptist Church, located beside 411 Highway and overlooking a large free-running spring, became reality. There were 49 Charter Members. 19 came by letter or statement, and 30 joining as candidates for baptism.
The first meeting place for the church was the “Old House” as it was commonly known. The house was situated on the lot to the left of our former building.
In the late 1940’s, the former sanctuary was built. In the early 1950’s the sanctuary was remodeled, and stone was placed on the outside of the building. During the mid 1950’s the educational building was completed, and during the mid 1960’s stone was placed on the educational building.
On October 4, 1989, Springview Baptist Church purchased adjoining property in preparation for a new church building. A short time later, the State of Tennessee announced the widening of Highway 411. Plans to build were put on hold.
In early 1994, Springview was notified by the State of Tennessee that the new highway would be within a few feet of the front steps and the state was proposing to buy part of the property and the church building. After several meetings and negotiations, the church had an agreement with the State. On July 3, 1994 Springview voted to buy 10 acres of land from Buster Ramsey and on July 22, 1994, the purchase was completed on the existing church property. A church ground breaking ceremony was held on Sunday, March 12, 1995. On April 2, 1995 the church voted to start excavation for the new building.
On July 2, 1995, the church voted to build in two phases. Phase I was to be an educational building and fellowship hall. On July 10, 1995 our trustees signed a contract with Richard Harrill & Sons to build Phase I. During the construction of this phase, the men of Springview Baptist Church constructed a pavilion at the back of the church property. Phase I was completed, and the first service was held in the new building on April 7, 1996. The fellowship hall was set up to be used as a sanctuary, using the furnishings from the old church.
On September 1, 1996 the church voted to build Phase II. Our trustees signed a contract with Richard Harrill & Sons on September 5, 1996. Phase II was completed with the first worship service on Wednesday, October 8, 1997. Before the carpet was installed in the auditorium, the members met to sign the concrete slab and write their favorite Bible verse. The first Sunday service was October 12, 1997. A time capsule was inserted behind the cornerstone to be opened after 50 years of service or on October 12, 2047. In March 2000, a building for storage and housing for mowing equipment was completed.

To God Be The Glory, Great Things He Has Done!

Former Pastors

We owe a debt of gratitude to our founders and many others that have contributed to the ministry of Springview Baptist Church.
Garfield Smothers 1943-1946;
Charles & Ethel Johnson 1946-1950;
 Garland & Lillian Walker 1950-1951;
Harley & Cora Meta Smiley 1951-1954;
Joe & Agnus Wampler 1955-1957;
Kenneth & Alta Holder 1958-1960;
Joe & Sally Caldwell 1960-1961;
Larry & Joyce Isaac 1962-1964;
Joe & Sally Caldwell 1965-1969;
George & Marcie Pittman 1970-1981;
David & Kathy Murrell 1981-1984;
Carlos & Diane Owenby 1984-1988;
Bill & Marcie Winters 1988-1991;
Guy & Maxine Milam 1991-1999;
Tim & Liz Hale 2000-2002;
Alvin & Sandy Tallant 2003-2007;
 Don & Linda Drawdy 2008-2009;
Ben & Rachel Ward 2009-present. 

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Join us every Sunday as we gather to together at 9:45 am and 10:45 am.